Raising awareness of .boston on the busses (and the trains)

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MMX launched .boston domain names to the world on 10/10/2017. .boston is one of only four geographical top-level domains in the USA, .boston joins .miami, .nyc and .vegas in this elite group of cities with their own internet domain.
As one of the world’s leading domain name registries, MMX is committed to raising awareness of the excellent branding and business opportunities of all the top-level domains in our portfolio, and this is certainly the case for .boston.
From launch day, we partnered with www.GoDaddy.boston to raise awareness of .boston domains across much of the Boston public transportation systems. On every line of “the T”, our ads ran in hundreds of train carriages, and on the surface streets, our boldly-wrapped busses featured dramatic .boston advertising.
Please enjoy the images in the gallery below!
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