DomainIncite coverage: "MMX says .vip renewals to be at 70%+"

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domainincite-logo-webLeading domain industry news blog DomainIncite covered our .VIP top-level domain's renewal projections, as we pass the one year mark. In the article, entitled "MMX says .vip renewals to be at 70%+", editor in chief Kevin Murphy wrote, "The company (MMX) said this morning that it is projecting renewals towards the top end of industry norms based on manual renewals to date." In the article, Kevin Murphy, shared a statement from MMX stating, "MMX expects the overall renewal rate for the first month of .vip registrations, which will be published in late July, to place .vip in-line with the best-in-class renewal rates of leading western facing top-level domains (i.e. c. 70% and above)." You can read the full article at DomainIncite
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