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The Domain Name System (“DNS”), the hierarchical and decentralized system that associates domain names to numeric based Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses and which provides the basic routing system by which all traffic flows over the World Wide Web, is now over 30 years old. From its inception, the DNS rapidly established itself as the trusted protocol allowing humans to easily interact with the Internet. Today it is further backed up by a robust international legal and regulatory framework overseen by ICANN.

With the explosive growth of both the World Wide Web and wider Internet, we see real opportunities to leverage off the strengths of the DNS protocol whilst providing greater protection and security to both individuals and businesses alike on the Internet.

Brand Protection

The integrity of a Company’s naming rights on the Internet is of fundamental importance. However, human error – such as misspelling a Company name in a search bar – has resulted in a lucrative and damaging industry emerging where companies can find their online activities compromised and consumers at potential risk of fraudulent activity. To that end, MMX is delighted to be developing a range of services with partners to better protect companies’ naming rights online and in turn consumers. Click here to learn more about the newly launched AdultBlock.

Web 3.0

The rapid advances in AI, IoT and 3D graphics is heralding a new era in the Internet’s development, often referred to as Web 3.0. Hand-in-hand with these developments is the advancement of Distributed Ledger Technology (aka blockchain) and its ability provide levels of transactional security not seen on the Internet. However, as a nascent technology basic common protocols have yet to be established. As a result, MMX is delighted to be championing its .luxe R&D project focused on developing a common naming standard that can work across the world’s leading blockchains.  For more information visit

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